About Us

Our goal

Make Econometric and Data Science tools accessible to everyone.

At Causal Solutions we are bridging theory and practice in Econometrics and Data Science.  Our courses provide fast-track access to causal inference tools that are popular not only in academic research, but also in many policy evaluation and industry environments. Importantly, our courses are approachable, enjoyable, affordable, and we always aim at creating a welcoming and collaborative environment among instructors and attendees. All our courses are held online, allowing for people from all around the world to join us.

Who we are

Pedro and Renata Sant’Anna founded Causal Solutions in February 2022. Pedro Sant’Anna has been offering in-person and online courses for many institutions over the years, but found that he had little control on the length, structure, and pricing of the courses.  After their second daughter was born, Pedro and Renata decided that it would be much better if they were to create their own courses, and provide a more flexible, accessible, and welcoming environment for all learners. This would also allow them to spend more time together with their two daughters. This is how Causal Solutions was born.